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Drabble Fetish

get your kink on

25 April 1983
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First off, much love to the Anonymous Bleach Kink Meme done back in 2007. While I myself missed out on being able to join in on those good times, it inspired me to write down and collect all my twisted thoughts. Yes, most of these drabbles will be from Bleach at the moment. Some Slayers, Utena, One Piece, or various other series may slip in along the way.

Honestly, I suck as a fan fiction author. Rarely can I stick with one story long enough to finish it. However I get all kinds of plot bunnies and dirty little stories popping into my head, so it's about time I wrote them all down so that others as deviant as I am could enjoy them.

Most, but not all, of the stories here will be drabbles. I'll set up a scene, tease the reader a bit, and then let you fill in the blanks. You know, rather than write sex scene after sex scene. Now and then something might be juicy enough to expand into a more full-length version, but most of the time these will only be a few paragraphs long.

Also... kinks and fetishes galore. Each fic will likely center around one subject, something that is more than just "so-and-so bangs so-and-so". I'll even be bringing my real life experience in the BDSM lifestyle to the mix in hopes of injecting some spicy realism into things.

I do not like all the fetishes/kinks I'll be writing about. I won't care for all of the pairings I'll be writing. Let's face it, Szayel the 8th Espada from Bleach sort of lends himself to a vorephilia-flavored fic, but if I write a drabble about something in that vein it'll have more to do with the story writing itself than my burning need to imagine being swallowed whole. So please feel free to request ANYTHING at all (in the request post only, please) and don't worry about whether or not it's my thing. If a story idea grabs me, I'll go with it.